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When should I repair my air conditioner?

If your central air conditioner suddenly loses cooling or heating power, you can correct it yourself or by calling an HVAC professional.

Problems may be occurring in the: Compressor, the evaporator coil, refrigerant, the expansion valve, or the Condenser, and to determine a correct OVEN REPAIR, it is enough to carry out regular maintenance of your central ventilation system periodically. Remember that preventive service is always! Be a smart way to save money by avoiding damage and inconvenience. (The importance of maintaining heating systems)

It is important to identify the reason for your central air conditioner malfunction. If it does not activate, it could be due to a misconfigured thermostat, a tripped circuit breaker, a blown fuse, or a switch off.

For any air conditioning repair, there are HVAC technicians, but you can verify the cause of the damage and possibly correct it, and for this, you must verify:

– If your air gets too much sunlight, you should put it in a more shady place.

– Check the air seals and make sure no hot air gets in, check if the thermostat is in the correct position

– That the registers are not blocked or dirty, excess dust could obstruct the ventilation channels

– Make sure the switches are in ON mode. Many times faults appear once the system is off

– Inspect the air filter for cleanliness. If not, be sure to change or clean it

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